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nastashia's Journal

6 September 1983
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( aNnD I AM me ) ····My name is Nastashia, but people call me Jade; mono; JD; Kade; monoxide; etc. I live in the Northern California Valley, its okay, I love nice weather, woo! and I`m 26 years old <3. I`m a big dork, I love to have fun && that`s basically all I`m about!!! I have a 8year old puppy, pure bred Australian Shepherd, I say that because he thinks he's a big puppy!!. Oh, and feel free to add me to your friends list!! Just Comment n tell me and I`ll add you back! <3
One more thing, I'm not single, and spend a lot of time with my boyfriend Jake<3 been together for over a year!

( The GirL ) ···· I am 5'6", && weigh around 130 lbs.

&& yes the sticky says "I hate my job." ;o)

( MY BETTER HALVES ) ···· I have the BEST friends in the whole entire world, without them, there would be no me...<3 Amanda; matt; Jenn; Tony; Vicky; Trish; Adam Lorie; Toast Tim; Ryan Wally; kitty; nando; donny; allie; Pheakdee; Dave; jessica; dustin; Mike; Jack; kasey; Chris Zakk; Brandon; Brando; Justin Earl; Kenny; Curtis; DIANE; Andrew; AmY LyNn<3333; DeNuZ; Ana; Paula; Preston; Matt McChord; + so many more!!

( i`M REAL ) ···· I am..opinionated; mouthy; smartass; bitchy when provoked; fun; caring; loving; mature; immature at times; thinks with heart; silly; happy; WiLD; daredevil; adventurous; kissable; huggable; mind blowing; dreamy; sarcastic; serious; funny; cute; cuddly; affectionate; trustworthy; special; beautiful; nice; kind; friendly; smart; sensitive; careful; hopeful; cheerful; amazing; dorky; random; flirty; obsessive; creative; real

( FAVORiTES ) ····
COLOR ··· metallic baby blue
iCE CREAM ··· cookies n cream
TV SHOW ··· Grounded For Life
ANiMAL ··· dog
FOOD ··· Chinese
DRiNK ··· dr. pepper
ARTiSTS ··· deftones, 311, cky + anything catchy
SONGS ··· Bullets And Octane -:- pirates, the rasmus - :- trigger
STOREs ··· Zumiez!
CANDY ··· skittles, reeses + hersheys with almonds
PERFUME ··· candies + fredericks of hollywood
ACTOR ··· Bruce Campbell
ACTRESS ··· Ashley Tisdale, shuttup dont laugh.
WORD ··· damn
MOViE ··· slashers

( STRiPPED OF ALL CLOTHiNG ) ···· I wear...; volcom; etnies; band shirts; cute shirts; roxy; r4r; AE; billabong; quicksilver; THiNK; Fredericks of Hollywood perfume OR coconut lime verbana; boots with big heels; airwalks; etnies shoes; emericas; vans; belts; nailpolish; DC; Ralph Loren; hot topic; tripp; slacks; hoodies; glitter lipgloss; any other kind of flavored lip gloss; zumiez; pac sun; jewelry; silver hoop earring; barbell; glitter; make up; eye shadow; +

( contactable ) ····
AiM ··· Nastashia
YaHoO ··· enkeis
iMvU... mukizu
E`MAiL ··· nastashia@aim.com